PureTaboo – Adria Rae The Consultation (07.06.2018)

18-YEAR-OLD WITH LOW SELF-ESTEEM TRICKED INTO SEX BY PLASTIC SURGEON. SCENE OPENS as a homeowner opens their front door to greet Adria Rae , a teenage girl with big glasses and low self-esteem. Dressed in a frumpy pencil skirt and blouse and speaking no louder than a mouse, she is trying to sell knives door-to-door as a part-time job. While most girls are getting ready for college, Patricia is desperate to save enough money to cure her of all the torment she endured in high school. Teasing, bullying, being called flat and ugly her whole life. The homeowner tells her he isn’t interested and shuts the door. CUT to another door being opened and Patricia repeating her sales pitch…

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