NuruMassage – Savannah Sixx Disgruntled Dad (27.09.2019)

Tommy Gunn is in the kitchen when his doorbell rings. He opens the front door and finds a package waiting. He sees that the box is addressed to his step-daughter, Savannah Sixx, and curiosity gets the better of him as he takes a peek inside. His eyes widen and he blusters as he pulls out a couple of bottles and scrutinizes them. ‘Savannah??’ he calls to the other room. ‘You better get your butt in here THIS INSTANT, young lady! You have some explaining to do!’When Savannah enters the room, Tommy lectures her about the ‘sex lube’ he thinks is in the bottles. Savannah is stunned, staring at Tommy. ‘Sex lube??’ Savannah tries to snatch the bottles back, but Tommy holds them out of reach, asking Savannah if she is sexually active. Savannah skirts around the questions, defending herself that these are massage oils, and besides, she’s 18, so she can do whatever she wants.

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