ManuelFerrara – Canela Skin And Her Literal Top Shelf Ass (09.03.2019)

Columbian Canela Skin brings her colossal ass cheeks to Europe and meets up with Manuel. No wonder he was willing to go all the way to Paris, to go all the way with Canela! When Miss Skin gets naked in the hotel room the first thing you notice is her shelf like ass cheeks. Manuel is quick to put the “meat dunes” in motion. He’s able to wedge his dick between those tight round cheeks and start a fuck storm. This causes Canela to regularly hang and wag her tongue in an animalistic manner. The curvacious Columbian’s ass constantly ripples throughout the screwing marathon. Eventually the startled Skin squirts as if to wave a white flag for her tired twat. Manuel switches to her asshole causing her more cum commotion. He plants her face to the camera and unburdens his balls, dumping streams of jizz into Canela’s tired yapper…

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